Quest-designs are a specialised website development company offering a service tailored to the needs of smaller, independent and specialist travel and holiday companies


Why choose quest-designs? – Because quest-designs:

• are realistically priced
We create professionally built web sites at realistic prices to suit your budget and offer a variety of options from a minimal web presence – a toe in the water for which you might not even need your own internet connection – to large, multi-functional, interactive sites –and anything between.

create powerful, effective sites – it's not just about looks
An effective site is not just a site that looks good; it's also a site that can be found easily, that is easy to navigate, that loads quickly and that works on all computer/browser combinations. We are fully aware of the limitations of the web as well as its enormous potential. We design sites which work well for both you and the viewer.

• offer professionally built sites
The Web has moved on from the the days when it was good enough to just present a simple home grown site. Successful businesses appreciate the need to present the right image, they already employ professionals to present that image in their printed brochures and advertisements. They now need to realise that the same care needs to be taken with their web presence.
     It need not be complex or expensive, a simple, static – but well designed – site will be all that is needed by some companies. On the other hand many businesses are missing out on the many possibilities and opportunities the web offers. Or they are failing to appreciate that the expectations of viewers far exceed what they are offering. It's a fast moving business and there is so much that is possible. Talk to us and find out what is possible for your business.

can assist with website optimisation and targeted marketing strategies
What is the use of a web site if no-one ever visits it? As well as offering general marketing advice, we ensure our sites can be easily found by search engines and can help with search engine and directory submission. We can also assist with advice about, and submission to, the growing number of general and specialist travel directories on the web.

don't expect you to be an internet expert
We appreciate that many of you will be new to the web or simply don't have time to get very involved. We will be happy to guide you, explain anything you don't understand and pleased to help ensure your web presence works for you.

staff are mature professionals with wide ranging experience
Our experience includes graphic design, multimedia and web design, information management and presentation, marketing and programming. As well as developing multimedia applications, we have been using and developing for the web since it's 'introduction' to the UK. We have an established network of professional contacts ready to work with us to produce top quality sites.

include extra publicity for no extra cost
As a travel business website client of quest-designs you will be given a free Expanded Listing in the travel-quest specialist holidays directory. This will not only give you the advantage of additional exposure but will also entitle you to take advantage many other services. Take a look at the travel-quest travel directory or email us for further information.

knows your business
As well as being keen travellers, some of the quest team also work in the travel business and have set up and run specialist holidays themselves. We are familiar with the problems faced by smaller travel companies, and understand your target audience.

What will it cost?

quest-designs will create an individual site reflecting your company image and suiting your specific needs. Unlike many web design companies we don't design to a formula and don't use templates; each site is individually tailored. Because our sites are not prescriptive our prices can't be either, we prefer not to give 'off the shelf' prices as we are not offering an 'off the shelf' product.

We will be very happy to give you a price once we have discussed with you what you want and what suits your needs.

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